June 2022

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We are working hard to to always be expanding as a store even though we are doing this on our free time with our own money invested. We want to include you on this journey, and thereby will start a blog series, so you can follow our progress!

10 days ago, me and Rajesh met for the first time! Funny story, we have known eachother for 2 years, from when I bought some games from him on Finn. We kept in touch and I was helping him with his pledge managers, and we were backing games together to save on shipping. In November 2021, he told me that he had finally opened the online store he had been talking about for almost a year. I was immediately on board, but since I live 4 hours away, Im limited to the office work form my home. From Saturday to Thursday me and the girlfriend went down and lived with his family, and I must admit, it was a little scary to meet up for the first time. But we were very welcome and had a great time! We spent about 40-50 hours reorganizing the storage and adding more drawers and shelves. And our biggest deliveries ever came! About 200kg of sweet hobby stuff, lots of games that have been in preorder for a long time, including a doomsday supply of paints!

We are still running our storage form a basement in Stavanger, but now we have upgraded to professional standards with more storage and a lots of new shipping materiel for even better safety of the packages! And we hope this will make the packaging more efficient and less time consuming for Rajesh that has a very demanding job as his main focus.

We are very grateful for the support so far, thank you so much!


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