Shopping from outside Norway?

We are a small startup company focused on having exciting titles for both Norway and the inernational market. We will be using DHL Express for orders placed outside Norway, but as of now, we are not ready with an automatic calculation.

All prices are shown including the norwegian VAT, because of strict norwegian laws, so please use the discount code "international" to remove it in chechout.

We will kindly ask you to complete your order with the free international shipping selected, and we will get back to you with a shipping cost, were you can complete a second payment, or get refunded the full amount 

Here are a few of the regions, to show what to expect:


1,0 kg 192 kr 204 kr
2,0 kg 240 kr 262 kr
3,0 kg 281 kr 309 kr
4,0 kg 313 kr 346 kr
5,0 kg 347 kr 383 kr
6,0 kg 371 kr 421 kr
7,0 kg 395 kr 461 kr
8,0 kg 419 kr 501 kr
9,0 kg 442 kr 542 kr
10,0 kg 466 kr 579 kr