Auztralia: Promo Packet 1

Auztralia: Promo Packet 1

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Auztralia Promotion Package from Kickstarter.

3 new myth cards: Cthulhu, Bokrug, Nightgaund
3 new myth cards for solo play: Cthulhu, Bokrug, Nightgaund
10 new assistant cards: Temp Worker, Farm Hand, Decommisioner, Human Resourcer, Builder Buddy, Refresher, Explorer, Smooth Flyer, Sane Counter, Nerve Agent

The myth cards share the same character names but have:
- different backs
- different points (solo near card name, regular – upper corner)
- different rules or text (Nightgaund is about stealing from another player for 5 turns and solo is losing for 5 turns. Bokrug and Cthulhu the same rules, slightly different text)

The cards were crafted during the expansion campaigns: Tazmania and Revenge of the Ancients on Kickstarter.