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1 player
30-45 min

The Final Girl Core Box contains the basic rules and all of the general components that are needed to play a game of Final Girl when combined with at least one Feature Film box.

Final Girl: Carnage at the Carnival
Geppetto - The Puppet Master wanted a family of his own. Using inspiration from his favorite stories and with the help of dark rituals, he decided to make his own. This circus is just a front to find more “new additions” to the family. Will you survive the night in Carnage At The Carnival?

Final Girl: Frightmare on Maple Lane
Maple Lane was the picturesque midwestern neighborhood until teens started dying in their sleep. Dr. Fright - The Dream Doctor has returned to torture the lives of the families that ruined his. There’s nowhere to hide when you sleep in Frightmare on Maple Lane.

Final Girl: Happy Trails Horror
Summer camp turns deadly in: The Happy Trails Horror. This Feature Film box stars Hans - The Butcher, who murders and feasts on unsuspecting campers. When an unlikely heroine emerges, will it be enough to stop the killing?

Final Girl: Haunting of Creech Manor
When a family moves into a new home, their little girl Carolyn begins noticing supernatural phenomena. This Feature Film has a killer of a different kind! Can the babysitter turned savior find Carolyn and get out before The Poltergeist traps her forever? Find out in The Haunting of Creech Manor!

Final Girl: Slaughter in the Groves
Each year, thousands of tourists flock to the “Ancient Groves” in Africa to see ancient and beautiful settings, artifacts, and places of worship. Vacations turn to nightmare when the masked killer, Inkanyamba - The Avenger arrives to exact revenge on behalf of the gods in Slaughter In The Groves.

Final Girl: Miniatures Box Series 1
Includes miniatures for the Final Girls and Killers found in the following products:
-Final Girl: Happy Trails Horror
-Final Girl: Haunting of Creech Manor
-Final Girl: Slaughter in the Groves
-Final Girl: Carnage at the Carnival
-Final Girl: Frightmare on Maple Lane
-Final Girl: Terror From Above (vignette)

Final Girl: Terror From Above (vignette)
The Vignette provides the unique Killer and one Final Girl, and the Feature Film Box provides the Location. In Terror from Above, the birds will be invading the location of your choice. Will the Carnival be suddenly overrun by a flock of birds? Or will Creech Manor be invaded by their overwhelming numbers? Like other killers, you can choose ANY location to play Terror From Above!