Twilight Struggle Deluxe Plastic Pieces

Twilight Struggle Deluxe Plastic Pieces

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The pieces are made of a hard plastic, and the graphics are applied via a 4-color heat transfer process, which fuses the images to the plastic in a way that makes them very scratch resistant, meaning they should last a lifetime.

This set contains all 260 of the tokens on the two punchboards from the 7th printing edition (i.e. NOT the 2015 Kickstarter edition), all 15x15mm squares with 4mm thickness:

    • 114 US Influence/Command tokens (values 1-8, US Space Race, and US Military Ops)
    • 117 USSR Influence/Command tokens (value 1-8, USSR Space Race, and USSR Military Ops)
    • 6 Yellow Tiles:
      • 1 DEFON status
      • 1 Turn marker
      • 1 VP Marker
      • 3 Nuclear Symbol tokens
      • 3 White Tiles: Action Round Marker, 1 Nasa 2nd Round Marker, Soviet 2nd Space Program Marker
      • 20 Card Reminder Markers

Twilight Struggle core game