Heroes of Normandie

I wrote down a cinematic diary after every round while facing the solo in one of the Carentan scenarios. I always enjoy reading other's stories, and I hope you will enjoy mine too.

For high resoultion pictures, you can chech this google drive folder

1. Western attack went really bad, tryed to get a foothold by quickly moving my units ahead, but got crushed by fast thinking Germans

1. Eastern attack had an extreme success, with a 3% chance the Sherman broke the wall on only one hit. The fire team quickly used the oppertunity to defeat the German Scouts inside


2. Eastern side keep pushing hard, the Sherman keep making shortcuts for the footsoldiers. A few vehicles lost due to heavy anti thank up the street.

2. Western side got its tank to the Frontline together with several support teams. Some crazy driver and bazooka team found a way take out the heavy machine gun truck going around the Forrest to try hide for the tank and also flank the infantry



3. Eastern side is seeing less movement, but keep pushing the German Frontline. The commander shouts that now must they make a push no matter how many men is lost.

3. Western side, the Sherman keep putting heat on the enemy position the heroic bazooka team is pushing through the enemy Frontline, trying to flank the enemy. The well placed flak will cause heavy losses for some more time



4. The eastern side didn't expect the brutal force Oberleutnant Hans Bickel went down with. It took almost 10 men just to subdue him. It halted the movement severely, and the Germans are following their leaders example and seems more determined to keep the line

4. The western side got itself 2 new heroes. As part of the bazooka squad, little was expected after the enemy vehicles were defeated, but after heroic actions they took care of all the enemies inside the mansion. Giving their allies a possibility to advance. With no communication with their commander, they are taking positions in the living room, hearing Germans advancing through the main entrance. They now this will be their last stand, but they will go down fighting



5. The eastern side is still suffering high casualties to motivated Germans fighting up close like bears. Lieutenant Blean is leading a new front through the demolished boathouse that couldn't take more fire from the Sherman. The obstruppen soldiers surrendered as soon as the American soldiers entered the building. Lt Blean took care of the rest by jumping into the rubles with his pistol and knife. The new objectives is shouted from the leutinant, "hold what remains of the boathouse at all cost and keep pressing the German Frontline!"


5. The western side. No one knows what happened to the heroic bazooka squad. Their bodies was found behind some tipped over sofas, but they seems to fighting to the end. Heavy casualties was made in the back entrance as the German General used the last of his granades to kill the men running for the building. He is still alive, but we're suppressed heavily by machine-gun fire, so the men got a chance to enter the building



6. Eastern side. Lieutenant Blean fell while defending the collapsed boathouse. The German fire group was making a last try to capture the ruins. Oddball left his thanks to try make it harder for the Germans, but most likely a suicide mission.

6. Western side, the support team is looking through the house for the reported deadly commander. They follows the screams and shots. He was not ready for a reaction from the allies so fast, he was cut down quickly.



7. Eastern side, the fire group tried to shoot and stab their way through the ruins, only casualty was oddball that went down like a martyr against the unstoppable squad. They were screaming for reinforcement from the western group.

7. Western side, the building was empty and the Sherman and general Taylor rushed to aid their allies



8. Eastern side. The Sherman saw its oppertunity for a surprise attack, and after shelling the German occupied building. It smashed through the ruins. The fire group could barely jump out of its way. Before being cut down by the tank's machine gun

8. Western side was hit with reinforcement from the north, and had to hold their position.


The Obstruppen that was forced into the area for a last chance to hold the ground. They were cannon fodder... The allies succeeded in holding the area down.

The Germans soon understood they didn't stand a chance to this overwhelming force. The allies didn't have many men left, most fell when they started closing in on the well protected German firering positions, but their shouts, Will power and effective strategies was enough to make the German retreat from their positions.


You will not be forgotten

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