We are very proud of how much we have achieved in the last 18 month. At the time of me writing this, we got over 1000 orders, and that is while doing this on our free-time and shipping from a residental address. It's highly rewarding to see that we can make such an impact in Norway!

Thank you for all your support! We are working on bringing you more benefits for choosing to support us! :)

Free Shipping above 2500 kr!

We know everyone loves free shipping and we are working hard to be able to offer it, and also be competitive in our prices. All orders above 2500kr will be shipped free of charge! :) Only for shipments to Norwegian addresses.

Visit us in Stavanger

You can also come and browse our storage located at a residental address in Stavanger after appointment with Rajesh at 96873147.

Pre-order discount!

Since we are a small startup* store, we appreciate when people can help us out by pre-paying for items not in stock yet, so it is easier for us to estimate sales and have a healthier economy with less risks. We offer 3% discount on full payment and also the option to only pay half to secure your copy when it arrives.

Custom ordering
Many of you already know, but I am taking custom orders and always tries my best to get you the item and that at a good price! Send me a message if it's anything I can help you with 

* The store is under the company R and R associates AS which has a strong economy on its own for your security, but we are trying make the store able to be self-reliant in the future, and also making us able to take out some salary :)