Shopping from outside Norway?

We are a small startup company focused on having exciting titles for both Norway and the inernational market. We will be using Posten Norge for orders placed outside Norway, but as of now, we are only partly ready with an automatic calculation of the shipping cost.

All prices are shown including the norwegian VAT, because of strict norwegian laws, you can use the discount code "international" to remove VAT in checkout, or it will be calculated towards shipping, with excess amount refunded. The duiscount will be 20% on all items.

You might get a message saying that we couldn't calculate shipping cost, please select this option, it only means that 1 or more items doesn't have a weight in our systems, we will get back to you with the shipping cost afterwards. You can also send us a message beforehand too if you want to know before paying :)

The shipping we are charging will be the costs shown in following link, but you are of course able to cancel when you see the total cost.