Why choose us?

Good Prices

We noticed that this hobby was low on some much needed competition to keep the prices low, we are therefore working hard to off good prices, but still keeping it sustainable for us.

Unique selection

With competition comes also better selection. We are happy to be able to expand the overall availability of games and related items! Much of our stock is built from that goal, and we gladly takes wishes for both old and new titles to stock, and also inserts, coins and other items!

Personal service

Many of you have already talked to me, either on email, store-chat, through facebook or privatly on my messenger. I really like the close communication, so feel free to contact me wherever you want! Some of you has also been lucky to get a personal delivery from Rajesh, either locally in Stavanger or on his way to Oslo during his biweekly workweeks there.

Custom orders

As already mentioned, we take personal orders. This can be from a less known publisher, import from other parts of the world and crowdfunding campaign where we help out, either by a retail plegde or arranging a safe group buy

Support a small store

We are currently doing this only as a more hobby-alike activity on our free time. This store is built under the company R and R associates AS which thereby inflates our income severely because it has it's own separate income. But until now and possibly for another 1-2 years, we don't expect to take out pay for our work, but only strive to make this hobby that is so full of fantastic people, even better! That's why we are now adopting the motto

"By enthusiast, for enthusiasts"