Why pre-order?

1. Secure your place in the queue
Due to limited storage and possible allocations from supplier, we normally don't order big quantities, so we will be fulfilling orders by order date if we get too few to fulfill them all.

2. Get a small discount if paid in full
We offer a 3% discount in addition to our free shipping treshold to reward those that pre-pay the full amount, but also offer an option to only pre-pay half

3. Help a small store
We are doing this part time, and have limited investment money to expand, so by pre-paying your order, you help us seeing how many wants the game and also makes it financially easier for us.

4. No risk
We will of course refund your order without any questions, and also do our best to give estimates on arrival date

5. Get it as early as possible
Not a gurantee, since every case is different, but we are getting most titles several weeks earlier than our competitors. This is done with a lot of effort into working together with several suppliers and experience in knowing who gets certain games first. Just ask your friends that have pre-ordered games with us :)