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1883: Building Railroads in Northern Italy

1883: Building Railroads in Northern Italy


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2-4 players 
180-300 min 

1883 is a game in the 18xx family of train games, set in Northern Italy in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It was designed by Manlio Manzini, co-designer of 1841.
Some features:
a/ 1883 is an "incremental cap" style 18xx, where corporations receive money in their treasuries by 1/ players buying the corporations shares or 2/ the corporations issuing their shares to the Bank Pool at almost market price.
b/ Random Events - which corporations can mitigate by buying political support.
c/ Government Concessions - whereby corporations (and players) get a bonus for making certain connections
d/ A bus company - which players may buy shares in, and that has its own network on the board
e/ A co-operative corporation - which players take turns to run (and may steal from)
f/ Two corporations that can merge if their presidents agree.
g/ "Gravity trains" which only cost L.20 and can run on track already used by 'normal' trains and add to company income - they don't count against a company's train limit, but a die is rolled to determine whether they breakdown (and so don't get income) or are even lost altogether.
h/ only a dividend payout greater than or equal to a corporation's current share price will move that share price to the right on the market.


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