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Feldherr Organizer for Boonlake

Feldherr Organizer for Boonlake


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You thought a self-discovery trip far away from civilization would be good. If only there weren't all those cards and tokens cluttering up your game box.

So that your big dream of a perfect community doesn't turn into a disaster, we have the matching Feldherr plastic Organizer for your core game box. The Set supports you in creating order and a better life at Boonlake. In no time, you have your game material under control and mastered the situation.

  • The Organizer fits into the original Boonlake core game box.
  • All game components of the core game find shelter in the Set.
  • Every tray can be removed individually.
  • All cards also fit into the card holder with protective sleeves (max. external dimensions: 96 x 68 mm).
  • Wooden tokens can be sorted by color.
  • Keep the gameboard and double-layer player boards on the base of the box. Store the action board and the rule book on the Organizer.
  • transportable and tilt-proof - vertical storage possible.
  • Ready to use - No assembly required.

As you explore your new home, we'll optimize your board game box. Nine plastic token holders and three plastic card holders ensure that you can neatly store your game material. Thanks to the clear structure of the Organizer, the inserts are filled in no time. This saves you tedious pre-sorting. To quickly start the game, just take the trays out of the box and place them on the tabletop. This way, everything stays in plain view, and you have everything ready. After playing, sort the tokens back into the trays, and you can sort them away in the game box. This way, you don't waste time setting up and taking down the game, and you can enjoy the game more.

The set includes:

  • 4 token holders, each with 1 compartment for player-colored tokens
  • 2 token holders, each with 1 compartment for small game material like as levers and scoring tokens
  • 3 token holders, each with 2 compartments for small game material like region markers, starting player token, solo tiles, coins, production sites
  • 1 token holder with 5 compartments for small game material such as vases, scoring markers, 100-/200- markers
  • 1 token holder with 2 compartments for building tiles and action strips
  • 3 card holders, each with a compartment for project cards
  • 1 foam topper
  • fine-pored foam — Made in Germany
  • chlorine free and acid free

As with all 3D printed models, there may be minor imperfections. The product images are only examples of what the finished product may look like. All products are provided unpainted.

  • thermosoftening plastic
  • made from renewable raw materials
  • ready to use - no assembly required
  • 3D printed in Germany

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