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Maquis - New Content (Upgrade pack for 1st Editions owners)

Maquis - New Content (Upgrade pack for 1st Editions owners)


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Included with Maquis 2nd edition and provided as a separate upgrade for 1st edition owners.

Additional content for Maquis... four missions with 3-star difficulty, new spare rooms and 12 associated tokens.

The new 3-star missions are more complicated than 2-star missions, and often have two success levels: success and major success. You may also win the game if you score a major success in your three-star mission but fail at your second, one-to-two-star mission. This gives you new ways to play and win.

The new resource type Fake ID is used in one of the new missions, but more important, you can use it to get one of your agents past a single patrol unit.

The new spare rooms are the Forger (which creates the Fake ID described above) the Pharmacist (which creates a new poison resource, used in 3-star missions) and the Fixer, who lets you use any spare room not on the map, for an additional cost of 1 money token.

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