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Oceans: Legends of the Deep

Oceans: Legends of the Deep


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2-4 players 
60-90 min 

Legends of the Deep brings cultural legends, high fantasy, and mythologies from around the globe into the Oceans ecosystem.

Oceans is a journey from the known world into the unknown, where you discover powerful traits that hardly seem possible in the realm of biology. With Legends of the Deep, you will discover things beyond the world of science!

Game Play
At the beginning of the game, deal four Legend cards to each player. Choose one of them, and pass the rest to the player on your left. Continue drafting until everyone has four Legend cards.

During your Play Cards phase, you may play one Legend card in addition to your normal card play. Legend cards have game-changing abilities with global effects.

To replace an Legend card with a new one, subtract the cost of the old Legend card from the cost of the a new Legend card.

Oceans Discord
Join the Oceans Discord community for rules questions, strategy chat, or to playtest upcoming products.

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