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Star Tycoon - Collection page

Star Tycoon - Collection page


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1-6 players 
20-120 min

This is for the Executive Pledge, excluding shipping in Norway. Upon arrival, we can either charge shipping or send with another order.

In Star Tycoon, players will take on the role of an interstellar business with the goal of out-performing their business rivals by the last round.

Each player gains Victory Points by claiming sets of planets and developing them with production facilities and other buildings.

Central to Star Tycoon is the Galactic Exchange, a fluctuating market that reacts supply and demand. Knowing when to buy and when to sell is key creating a profitable business.

Neoprene mat for Star Tycoon

Experience the excitement of capitalism in style with this beautifully printed Luxury Neoprene Mat with stitched edges.

Table Dimensions:
664 x 402 x 3mm

Shipping Dimensions:
700 x 700 x 430mm
Ships in a sturdy cardboard tube that can be used for storage.

Premium Acrylic Tokens (152 in total)

Profit has never looked so good! Upgrade all 152 tokens to premium acrylic and bring a touch of class to your table.

152x Tokens
2.5mm thick
Clear printed acrylic

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