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Air Deck

Air Deck


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Playing cards optimized for travel and everyday carry

Air Deck is a full set of playing cards with an optimized footprint. This is ideal for travelling, since it won't take much space and you can play on small surfaces such as airplane tray tables. The deck consists of 52 playing cards + 2 jokers and measures 87 × 32 mm. Despite the smaller size, it has all the features of a standard deck - the length ensures that you can handle it much like the full size deck, and the narrower width makes the deck fit nicely in the palm of your hands.

The Air Deck is made from premium ‘casino quality’ PVC, which is incredibly resistant to tearing and bending. The cards are slightly textured on the back, while the front is plain, which provides excellent handling and a good grip.

  • 52 Playing Cards + 2 jokers
  • Waterproof and washable
  • Premium printing
  • Protective matte varnish
  • Made from extra durable premium PVC
  • Slightly textured
  • Waterproof deluxe tuck box
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