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Astro Knights - Collection page

Astro Knights - Collection page


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1-4 players 
45 min

Astro Knights is a cooperative deck building game where your deck is never shuffled. Your goal is to defeat the Boss before it destroys your team or the Homeworld you’re defending.

Each round, the players and the Boss will take turns in a random order. During a player’s turn, they will be able to acquire Fuel, Tech, and Weapons from the supply, equip and attack with those Weapons based on the number of slots they have, gain new slots, power up, and use their special ability. All four of the Bosses in this game have their own decks and abilities, and will require a different strategy to be defeated


Astro Knights: The Orion System (2023)

Defend the Orion System from the Fission Parasite in this small expansion for Astro Knights. Also includes new Knights and market cards.

1 new Boss, Fission Parasite
2 new Knights, Alexios and Deleth
1 new Homeworld, Orion III
8 new Market Cards


Astro Knights: Eternity (2024)

Many generations after the events of the original Astro Knights setting, a group of rag-tag intergalactic scrappers find great power and responsibility forced upon them! Astro Knights: Eternity is a stand-alone, cooperative deck-building game with several scenarios connected by a single, ongoing narrative.

Continuing the gameplay lineage of Aeon’s End, player decks are never shuffled in Astro Knights, with the collective goal of defeating that scenario’s Boss before it destroys that mission’s Homeworld, or all the players seeking to defend it.

In addition to the familiar structure of the first Astro Knights game, players will be introduced to all-new mechanics throughout the narrative campaign, along with refreshed elements from the Aeon’s End series.

Can your team of unlikely heroes adjust their strategies to overcome the powerful and unpredictable enemies that threaten the stability of the galaxy?


Fly the Savage Skies (2024)


  • 2 Knights (Captain Cadiz, Scuttlebutt)
  • 1 Boss (The Black Hole Galleon)
  • 3 Fuel Cards (Hadronic Halo, Graviton Feedback x2)
  • 6 Weapon Cards (Threadblade Whip x2, Spinebiter Cutlass, Mutagenic Seed, Razor Armblades, Super Mega Super Cannon)
  • 1 Tech Card (Shimmer Cloak)
  • 1 Homeworld Card (Nassai IV)
  • 1 Team Attack Card (Starburst Finale)
  • 1 Invention Card (Scattershooter)
  • 1 Combo Card (Rushing Tiger)


Mystery of Solarus (2024)


  • 2 Knights (Naoko, Sunshine)
  • 1 Boss (Shade Sculptor)
  • 2 Fuel Cards (Solarus Engine, Solarus Cell)
  • 2 Tech Cards (Lithocule Bot, Solarus Barrier)
  • 6 Weapon Cards (Solarus Spear, Cosmic Boom Boom x2, Solarus Dual Blades, Solarus Fusion Core, Quantum Kama)
  • 1 Homeworld Card (Eos)
  • 1 Team Attack Card (No Knight Left Behind)
  • 1 Invention Card (Motherboard)
  • 1 Combo Card (Tagteam Thunder)
  • 1 Token Sheet
  • 1 Card Divider
  • 1 Deck Box


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