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Carcassonne promos

Carcassonne promos


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"Carcassonne is a very good game and also my personal gateway game, so I wanted to take in many of the promos, I will keep on adding to this page when I find them!" - Martin

Please use either BGG or Wikicarpedia for additional info, since it was very much to cover on this page alone :)

Some details about the maps

With Carcassonne Maps we offer you a new way to play Carcassonne. You get the map and use your game material.

Build in different countries around the world and there are also new ways to score points, e.g. by winning the scoring of a big city or by connecting streets to neighboring countries.

In addition, there is now also 1 mini-expansion for all maps: The Map Chips, which has its own rules for each map. With the map chips on the Benelux map, you can discover new islands and choose an open tile instead of a face-down tile.

The map is made of high-quality, strong, linen-embossed paper and has the size A1. By rolling it, we recommend "counter-bending" the card before use or pressing it flat again under a few books. Alternatively, it can also be attached to the table with an easily removable adhesive tape (crepe, for example). The latter also has the advantage that it is then not accidentally moved.

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