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Farms Race

Farms Race


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3-4 players 
90-120 min 

This is for the Farms Race: Deluxe edtion pledge. And includes shipping in Norway! Please read our crowdfunding policy.

Radioactive waste from local power plants has granted you and your fellow farm animals both sentience and an insatiable hunger... for power. Now you must take up the weapons of your former masters, the humans, to fight both them and each other for control of the countryside.

Farms Race is a 1.5-2 hour strategy game that parodies Eurogames like Catan and Agricola. Players play as the Supreme Leader of a species of farm animal racing to accumulate 10 Victory Points by building Barns and Armories, recruiting Spies, building the most nukes, and conquering opponents' regions with their herds.

"Please use the kickstarter page until the campaign is over for the most updated info. We are still waiting for reply about the possibility for playmats" - Martin

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