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Feldherr Organizer for Anno 1800

Feldherr Organizer for Anno 1800


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Information from the publisher Felherr:

Since 1998, Anno has been exciting computer gamers in different incarnations. About time, the phenomenon continues its success as a board game.

And thus you end up on an island in the middle of nowhere. But the new beginning turns out to be more difficult than expected. Trade routes need to be established, industrialization is coming, and the mob and the Queen need to be kept satisfied. To make sure that every gear meshes perfectly and that you don't lose your head over lost tokens, there is this matching Feldherr Organizer. It will keep your Anno 1800 core game box tidy and will help you when setting up the game.

The Organizer fits into the original board game box of the "Anno 1800" core game.
It offers space for the entire game material of the "Anno 1800" core game, as well as for the mini-expansion "Power of Gold".
Some trays do not only serve as a storage solution, but can be directly integrated on the game board to support you while playing.
All cards also fit with protective sleeves (max. external dimensions 92 mm x 62 mm).
The Rulebook, Game Board, Home Islands, and Game Aids are stored separately in the box.
transportable and tilt-proof - vertical storage possible

To help you concentrate fully on building your colony, we take care of the Organization in your core game box. The five tokens and five card holders ensure that your game material always remains organized. This saves you time when setting up the game, and you have the essential game components quickly at hand. For a quick start to the game simply distribute the individually removable trays on the table.

Some trays can be incorporated directly into the game. Place the trays with the Population cubes next to the Gameboard, so that the colored cubes correspond to the colors displayed on the board. The four identical card holders can be sorted according to card type and then placed on the game board corresponding to the images. For greater stability, the card holders can be connected to each other. This way you have the Population cubes and game cards exactly where they are needed. So nothing stands in the way of a fun game.

The set consists of:

4 card holders, lying, Expedition Cards or Population Cards sorted by type.
1 card holder, standing, for Objective Cards and “Power of Gold” Mini-Expansion.
2 token holders, flat, with a total of five compartments, connectable, for population cubes sorted by colors (farmers, workers, craftsmen, engineers, and investors).
1 token holder with two compartments for Old World Islands and New World Islands.
1 token holder with four compartments for Exploration, Trade, and Gold Tokens.
2 token holders, high, with a total of five compartments, connectable, for Construction Tokens, Starting Player, and Fireworks Tokens.

A foam base provides extra stability for the board game box and prevents the trays from slipping.

After all trays are accommodated inside the box, cover them with the provided foam toppers.

Store the Game Aids and Home Islands between the two foam toppers. The Rulebook and the two game board parts are placed on the top foam topper.

fine-pored foam — Made in Germany
chlorine free and acid free

As with all 3D-printed models, minor imperfections may occur. The product images are only examples of how the finished product may look. Colors may vary. All products are delivered unpainted.

thermosoftening plastic
ready to use — no assembly required
3D printed in Germany

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