Heroes of Black Reach Bad Moon Reinforcements

Heroes of Black Reach Bad Moon Reinforcements

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Bad Moon Reinforcements - Devil Pig's page

An Orks Reinforcement Pack with 3 punchboards, as well as order tokens and dice in the Bad Moon colors, allowing you to play with three players (2 Orks vs. 1 Ultramarines) or Orks vs. Orks. In this product, you’ll find a Stompa (in the Goff clan colors) and reinforcements for the Bad Moons clan as well.


  • Goff Stompa
  • Bad Moon Warboss Skarblitz
  • Bad Moon Meganobz
  • Bad Moon Grot Tanks
  • Bad Moon Killa Kans
  • Bad Moon Grot Mega Tank
  • Bad Moon Meka Dread
  • Bad Moon Trukk
  • Bad Moon War Buggy
  • Bad Moon Order Tokens and Custom Dice
  • 1 Objective & 1 Terrain Overlay
  • Vehicle Gear, Command Options and Customizations
  • Rules & 2 Scenarios
  • Sticker sheet for the official storage system

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