Heroes of Black Reach Orks Reinforcement

Heroes of Black Reach Orks Reinforcement

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Orks Reinforcement - Devil Pig's page

This extension recount the battles of the Gospora Hive walls and the Zanzag escape


  • Goff Warboss Zanzag
  • Goff Gretchin Mob
  • Goff Mega Nobz
  • Goff Nobz
  • Blood Axe Kommandos et leurs options
  • Blood Axe Boss Mob
  • Death Skull Burnaboyz
  • Death Skull Painboy Gorogork
  • 1 Death Skull Morkanau
  • Bad Moon The Sons for Mork et leurs options
  • Bad Moon Boyz
  • Bad Moon Lootas
  • Bad Moon Boss Mob
  • Bad Moon Grorkh avec son Shock Attack Gun
  • 1 Bad Moon Battlewagon
  • 1 Bad Moon Gorkanaut
  • 1 Evil Sunz Battlewagon
  • 1 Evil Sunz Deff Dread
  • 1 Evil Sunz Blitza Bo
  • 2 Mek Gunz (Evil Sunz, Bad Moon)
  • More options: equipements, customizations, support, etc.
  • New rules
  • 2 scenarios

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