Heroes of Normandie core box upgrade pack

Heroes of Normandie core box upgrade pack

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You are already the lucky owner of a Heroes of Normandie Core Box (V1), but you wouldn’t mind having the latest units as well as the rules and scenario books of the Heroes of Normandie Core Box: Big Red One Edition (V2)? Then don’t wait any longer, this pack is made for you.

Indeed, with the content of this pack you will be able to play the campaign of the scenario book Heroes of Normandie: Big Red One Edition (V2) using the terrain boards, the cards, the order tokens and the dice of your Heroes of Normandie (V1) base box. You will also benefit from the new V2 rulebook, clearer and more complete than ever.

As you can see, if you own the Heroes of Normandie V1 Core box, this discounted pack allows you to enjoy the new content without having to buy a Heroes of Normandie: Big Red One Edition Core box.

Important: you can play with the US & GE cards of the V1, however we advise you to acquire the 2.0 version to benefit from the alternative bonus cards.

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