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Oranienburger Kanal + 2 expansions

Oranienburger Kanal + 2 expansions


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1-2 players 
45-90 min 

The Oranienburg canal, which gave this game its name, was built between 1832 and 1837 in Brandenburg. The Havel River was difficult to navigate near the Oranienburg mills, so a canal was built from the Havel that crossed the older Ruppin canal, thereby forming the Oranienburg canal cross. During the industrialization in the 19th century, lots of companies and businesses were formed at this important waterway. Moreover, additional streets and railways were built.

In Oranienburger Kanal, you erect new industries and shape the infrastructure by building pathways, streets, railways, and canals. Most important of all are bridges that connect buildings. To do all of this, you have access to various actions that you select in the right moments.

At the end of the game, the player with the best industrial area and the best infrastructure wins.

Oranienburger Kanal also includes a solo game!

Expansion 1 and 2

In the tradition of Uwe's masterpiece Agricola, this game will include a number of expandable card sets which will change and add to your gaming experience.
The base game will come with two card sets (A & B) but four more sets will become available, adding endless replayability and variety to your games.

Each Expansion Set is boxed and contains 120 cards (2 sets) plus Glossaries in English and German!

Expansion I contains decks C and D for Oranienburger Kanal.

Expansion II contains decks E and F for Oranienburger Kanal.


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