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Quartermaster General WW2: 2nd Edition

Quartermaster General WW2: 2nd Edition


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2-6 players 
60-120 min 

Quartermaster General is a card-driven game that puts players in command of the major powers of the Second World War. In the game, supply is crucial to keep your armies and navies fighting; destroy your enemies' supply lines and their forces will surrender! You control one or more countries on either the Axis or Allied team and try to score as many victory points (VPs) for your team as you can through the use of cards or by occupying the starred supply spaces. Each major power has a unique set of cards with which to marshal its forces of army and navy pieces on a map. After twenty rounds the team with the most VPs wins.

From the publisher,
"WW2 Quartermaster General Second Edition completely revamps the award-winning title originally released in 2014 by micro-publisher Griggling Games."

Major rule changes from the first edition:

  • Win condition: You cannot win by occupying territory, you must now win by being ahead by 30 points.
  • Card texts are rules in this game, and many card texts have changed significantly. An additional four cards (rules) have been added.
  • Some map areas have new borders, altering the map and strategic situation.
  • Discard and deck depletion rules are changed and now incur VP loss.
  • The new Resource Allocation rule allow players to search the draw deck, fundamentally changing the tactics of the game.
  • The United States faction have additional map units.

Other changes to the second version according to the publisher:

  • The play balance has been fixed to ensure both teams now have an equal chance at victory.
  • Updated rules to ensure smoother game play and avoid early knockouts due to economic warfare.
  • Cards have been edited, changed, or completely replaced.
  • The card balance has been altered, so that players will find some of the worst cards have been up-powered, and the decks changed to ensure that no specific cards seem necessary for victory.
  • More cards will are added to the mix
  • One more United States Navy piece to help them pursue a war in both the Atlantic and Pacific.

Quartermaster General WW2, released in 2019, is a second edition of the game revised to improve its ease of play, clarity, and play balance.


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