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Robin Hood

Robin Hood


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2 players 
60-120 min

If you liked Hammer of the Scots and Cowboys, you will love Robin Hood that launches our new game series Legends and Myths.

Medieval England has many legends and myths. One of the most enduring of English folklore is Robin Hood, legendary outlaw archer and champion of the common people.

Robin of Loxley, a nobleman by birth, returns home from the Crusades and finds his lands taken and people taxed by the Sheriff of Nottingham and his enforcer, the Black Knight. Confronting the injustices and tyranny, he chooses to become an outlaw and leader of the common folks. Robbing from the Sheriff and giving to the poor, he becomes a hero and legend as the contest between good and evil unfolds in the castles and villages of Nottingham and the deep woods of Sherwood Forest.

Robin Hood is our two-player game that brings all the action of Medieval England into play. One side marshals the forces of the Sheriff of Nottingham led by the Black Knight. He leads Knights, Normans, Pike men and archers. The other side is Robin Hood and his band of merry men. Each side has strengths and weakness. These forces contest each other in a power struggle to gain the most gold to support their causes.

And gold can be gained or lost in many ways.

The game includes a unique blend of medieval military forces with Knights, pike men, archers and leaders engaged in movement and combat, while it has a role playing element depicted by the characters such as Robin Hood, the Sheriff, Marian, etc. The characters can do medieval movement and combat and much more. They can be captured. They can be rescued. They can be executed.

A game you will want to play again and again!


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