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Shikoku 1889

Shikoku 1889


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2-6 players 
90-210 min

This is for the "Shikoku 1889" pledge at kickstarter!

New to this edition:

  •  A new name: While this game has had the title "1889: History of Shikoku Railways" for many years, I made the decision to change the name to "Shikoku 1889". If you'd like to read about why this decision was made, check out my blog here.
  •  New graphic design and illustration: We spent nearly a year to bring you the most aesthetically pleasing and functional 18xx presentation to date. You can read about our graphic design process here and here.
  •  Full rulebook rewrite: This rulebook comes packed with written and visual examples, a game overview section, and clearly written rules. This rulebook was written to be the best way for any new player to learn 18xx. You can see the current draft of it here
  •  High-quality components: 1889 for many years has only been available as a hand-made game. This will be the first mass-produced edition and will be made by manufacturers who are industry leaders for component quality.

Boardgamegeek description

1889, an 18xx game in the series originated by Francis Tresham's 1829, is set in Shikoku Japan. The rules are similar to 1830: Railways & Robber Barons on a smaller and terrain-heavy map.

In 1889, 2-6 players will use money to purchase shares in railroad companies during Share Dealing Rounds. Between subsequent Share Dealing Rounds, railroad corporations then conduct operations on the game board, with the decisions being made by the player who is the major share holder. The game simulates the progression of railroad development during an historic period on Shikoku. Old trains become obsolete while the revenue earnings from cities grows over time. Players will try to purchase the most profitable shares at the right times of the game to maximize earnings in dividends and stock value gains. In the end, the player with the highest value of personal cash and held stocks is the winner.

The game was originally available in kit form from Wild Heaven, and is now also being published by Deep Thought Games, LLC.

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