Terra Mystica: Mini expansion DE

Terra Mystica: Mini expansion DE

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2-5 players 
60-150 min

This is the German version of the mini expansion. There is no language on the tiles, so should be no problem. We got this because it was the only one available, and it allowed us to offer it at half the price. 

Terra Mystica: Erweiterungsbogen (German for "Expansion Sheet"), a promotional mini-expansion released at Spiel 2015, is a compilation of old and new mini-expansion content. It includes:

  • The previously released Bonus Card Shipping Value and 4 Town Tiles promos.
  • A special landscape tile for each faction, with official rules determined by Helge Ostertag and the BoardGameGeek community.
  • A scoring tile that gives points for building a Temple and rewards Coins at the end of the round to players who have Priests sent to Cults.

Core game