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Terrain tufts, flowers and Shrubs

Terrain tufts, flowers and Shrubs


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Wasteland Tufts give the sinister impression of a harsh environment and are great for an “evil” setting for your army.

Mountain Tuft mimics vegetation above the tree line - and looks highly realistic when combined with either lighter or darker tufts for a spring/autumn look.

Jungle Tuft is bright green and full of imaginary mosquitoes, this tuft closely mimics the jungle or spring grass early in the season.

Swamp Tuft is a very realistic look and very good to combine this tuft with others for great effects.

The Frozen Tuft is perfect for decorating your frozen tundra, icy plains or other chilly environment. Combine with Battlefield Snow for perfection.

Highland Tuft lets you mimic a mysterious scenery with olling hills and deep lochs.

Woodland Tuft perfectly emulates deep forests and beautiful glades.

Deadland Tuft lest allows you recreate the chilling atmosphere of death for distant moons or udnead kingdoms.

Scorched Tuft create a devoid of life on the battlefield that is razed by fire and war

Meadow Flowers can create a Lovely and idyllic flowery meadows... do not let your guard down, though! Can be used as contrast to evil armies - or to enhance a forest or glades look.

The lowlands, haunted by vile monsters and creatures alike, are full of little streams giving life to these rich and lush shrubs.

Winter is coming, and with the Winter Tuft so are your troops. Combine with Battlefield Snow for the perfect arctic base.

Chech out Army Painters webpage for instructions and more pictures finished results!

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