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Barrage - Collection page

Barrage - Collection page


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1-4 (5)players 
60-120 min

"We will accept a no profit group pldege of the addons from the Barrage: New lands kickstarter during the pledge manager, please see this page"

Barrage core box (2019)

In the dystopic 1930s, the industrial revolution pushed the exploitation of fossil-based resources to the limit, and now the only thing powerful enough to quench the thirst for power of the massive machines and of the unstoppable engineering progress is the unlimited hydroelectric energy provided by the rivers.

Barrage is a resource management strategic game in which players compete to build their majestic dams, raise them to increase their storing capacity, and deliver all the potential power through pressure tunnels connected to the energy turbines of their powerhouses.

Each player represents one of the four international companies who are gathering machinery, innovative patents and brilliant engineers to claim the best locations to collect and exploit the water of a contested Alpine region crossed by rivers.


The Leeghwater Project (2019)

A new faction, the Netherlands, that uses Jan Leeghwater’s expertise in water management, adding even more water to your dams.

The External Works mechanic, a set of powerful tiles that can be obtained from a new action space. With them you'll be able to perform many actions, but be careful. To unlock the External Works power you'll need to burn the required amount of Concrete Mixers and Excavators rather than just assign them to the Construction Wheel.

The Personal Building mechanics. You’ll be able to use a combination of five Building tiles, each one with a different, powerful effect that can be activated by your engineers.

Two new Executive Officers designed to enhance the External Works and the Personal Buildings.

Three new Advanced Technology tiles dedicated to the construction of Personal Buildings.


The Nile Affair Expansion (2022)

The Nile Affair is a new thematic map for 2-4 players with new mechanics (Irrigation).

The box includes 1 map board, 2 punchboards and the rules.

2 new Executive Officers distributed exclusively to Kickstarter backers, as part of the 5th player Expansion campaign.


Executive Officers Pack B (2019)

Wu Fang:
You have a personal action space. When it is your turn, during the Action Phase, you can place 1 Engineer on this space to produce an amount of energy equal to the number of Water Drops currently held in your Dams. You can't add any bonus to this production, but you can use it to fulfill a Contract. The Water Drops stay where they are after this action.

Dr. Octavius:
When producing energy by activating one of your Powerhouses with a Production action, you can use any Water Drops from one or more of your Dams or Neutral Dams connected to the activated Powerhouse.
When using the German company ability, you can use this ability only with your first production.


Executive Officer Promo C (2021)

Amir Zahir:
Whenever you place Water Drops on the Headstreams, you can decide to make them flow immediately (you need to decide for each single Water Drop). When you are supposed to place Water Drops that should flow immediately on the Headstreams, you can place them directly in one of your Dams with enough capacity to hold them (you need to decide for each single Water Drop).

If, during your turn you decide to copy this power with Mahiri Sekiho, you will obtain Amir Zahir's ability for the current turn.


Executive Officer Promo D (2022)

Franze De Lasse

When you perform a production action and fulfill a Contract with a lower value than the energy produced, move your marker on the Energy Track only by the exceeding value.

During the End of Round Phase, move your marker back on the Energy Track to the lower limit of the current round section (only if vou have reached it). Otherwise, don't move your marker back.


5-Player Expansion (2020)

This expansion includes:

  • 5 players rules
  • 5 players map
  • 1 wheel for the fifth player
  • a small management board with additional actions
  • an overlay for the turn order
  • a new set of contracts
  • more wooden machineries

Important note: in order to play with 5 player, you need of core game Barrage and of the orange player set and the fifth company board from Barrage: The Leeghwater Project.


Wooden Machineries pack

Extra wooden machineries for high player counts

Metal Coins (2021)

Metal coins designed for Barrage board game.

Meeple Realty Wooden Wheel (2020)

This product replaces the Construction Wheel provided with Barrage. The wheel can be used with the original Technology tiles (the thinner ones), instead of the thicker ones provided.


3d map (2019)

Puzzled, magnetic, recessed (4mm thick) pieces forming a 3D map divided in different landscapes: mountain, hills and plain.


Folded Space insert

Insert compatible with Barrage® including The Leeghwater Project® expansion. The design provides both efficient storage and improved game play. Many of the trays can be utilised during the game, and they greatly aid set-up and clear-away times.

The insert is arranged in up to three layers as shown, with the player pieces on the left and other components on the right hand side. 

Folded space page

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