Q. Why is your page in English when you're located in Norway?
A. The founder of MeepleGalaxy, Rajesh, is from England and even after many years in Norway, prefers English. Its also a gimmick to separate ourselves a little. Norwegian is selectable in the "more" menu for the cart and checkout pages, and I'm available at both languages in email and messenger.

Q. What do you mean with pre-order?
A. We use pre-order as the term when its not currently in stock, but we have ordered from suppliers. You will pre-order the game from us, and we will provide it as soon as we can. You are of course free to place a pre-order and cancel at any time!

Q. Your price for this product seems a little high, can you reduce it?
A. Prices for boardgames can be fluctuating, especially with inflation and increased production costs, we are seeing a lot of increases in cost. We always try to offer a competitive price even though we are a small startup company, so send me a message if you see any price that is too high! :)

Q. Can you get a product for me?
A. We are saving our resources to be able to take personal requests. And with a lot of small and big supplier all over the world, we have good chances of getting what you want! So send us a message and we will be happy to offer our help!

Q. What other products do you plan on stocking?
A. We plan to have everything boardgame related, so boardgames, kickstarters, rpg's, inserts, sleeves, coin capsules, metal coins and other deluxe upgrades!

Q. Why start a boardgame shop, aren't there enough?
A. We are two guys that are deep in the hobby and a passion to use our free time on making it more accessible for everyone! We also see us as a much needed competitor in the market to keep the prices down for you as a customer!