Wooden upgrade sets

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Unofficial upgrade sets for your favorite boardgame!

This is the same tokens as from the latest kickstarter from Spielmateriel.de

General aspects of this project:

  • The tokens will be approx. 15-16mm wide or high. Depending on the shape, the tokens might be a bit taller or wider, but in general we try to keep it to 15-16mm. (For example, the elefant token will most likely be wider than the parrot token).
  • The thickness varies between 5-6mm and 8-10mm, depending on the token design. Some will be made to lay flat and some are designed to stand (for example, the elefant & parrot tokens will both be 10mm thick to ensure these tokens can stand).
  • Most tokens in this project will be printed on both sides with a mirror copy of itself. 
  • Some tokens will have different sides to show different versions. The Smiley will have a happy and a sad side, for example.
  • If a token makes more sense with a single-sided print, then we will do that. For example, Donut & Pizza tokens will most likely be printed only on one side.

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